Alan, from Long Island enjoys theater at Skidmore College


keith-moffat-Keith – Dartmouth College

Keith is an engineering major at Dartmouth where he was recruited for both alpine racing and soccer.


Keith – Dartmouth College //


jakeJake – University of Redlands

“Wendy didn’t just listen to me but made sure that she truly understood the needs and wants of my desired university experience. As a senior in high school, I knew only so much about what I wanted in a university; I just had a sense of what I enjoyed doing and what I hoped to do in life. Wendy saw my desire for a strong practical education (business), a creative outlet within my education (film), a strong sense of community (something similar to Berkeley, but far enough away that I could still have the distance and adventures I sought), and something different (no classic liberal arts education, but an education with different ways of doing things). Wendy took these needs into account, got the answers to other tough questions out of me, and ended up pointing me to the University of Redlands (and the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies). This school would wind up being an institution that changed my life forever: I loved my education, my community, and my location. I thrived there and I had more success than I could have imagined, it was the perfect fit. I have continued to have great success in my social life and career because of the University of Redlands. I recognize how fortunate I am to have found such a great university, but I am eternally grateful to Wendy for pointing me in the right direction. Wendy doesn’t just point her students in the right direction, she teaches great techniques for making large life decisions.”


Jake – University of Redlands //


lonnie24cmuplaying-in-germanyLonnie – Ohio Wesleyan University

#24 on Ohio Wesleyan University Men’s soccer team playing a pre-season match in Germany. OWU leads NCAA DIII with 35 postseason appearances.


Lonnie – Ohio Wesleyan University //


oscar-oreilly-sydney-australiaOscar – Yale College, from Sydney

From his father, Cameron:

“Quite simply he could not have done without you. So thank you again. He is a very lucky boy”

From Oscar:

“I would like to express my gratitude for all your help over the past couple of months. I would have been entering on to shaky ground if it wasn’t for you. … what was accomplished is testament to your ability to understand what I needed and what the University needed as well.”


Oscar – Yale College, from Sydney //


alexsncAlex – Sierra Nevada College

“I felt both boys matured so much during their time with Wendy,..like she was able to magically speed up the whole progress of maturing.Both of my sons gained personal awareness and confidence throughout the process. Hopefully, she will be there when my youngest is ready for college!”

— Trinka mother of Alex – SNC (Sierra Nevada College) brother of Nicholas (University of Richmond)


Alex – Sierra Nevada College //




Middlebury National Champions DIII 2007


jon-miguel-calJon Miguel – University of California, Berkeley

“Being the first in my family to go to college, the application process was intimidating and overwhelming. Wendy helped me narrow down my favorite schools as well as expose me to some I’ve never heard of. With her help, I was able to attend my dream school, UC Berkeley.”

— Jon Miguel – University of California, Berkeley


Jon Miguel – University of California, Berkeley //



floris-20070714-0535-25inFloris – Cornell University / California Institute of Technology, PhD.

“Although my wife and I are both UC professors, coming from the Netherlands we were not as familiar with the Ivy League and other private colleges. Without Wendy’s urging Floris to explore alternatives, he might not have ended up at Cornell University where he received two of the top science fellowships in the nation, the Hertz and the NSF. In addition to receiving his PhD in Control and Dynamical Systems at Caltech, Floris is a keen observer and award winning photographer of nature. Visit Floris website for more (www.artinnaturephotography.com).”

–father, Wil


Floris – Cornell University / California Institute of Technology, PhD. // Read more...


Evan – Willamette University, baseball


Kris – University of Connecticut






Melody – Trinity College in Rome


Brown and Dark Blue


blue and green




stinaStina –  Santa Clara University

“Wendy did an excellent job assisting our daughter in her search for the right match between her college dreams and her unique needs. She is different than other college advisors as she focuses on the whole person and looks beyond the easy choices and stretches your thinking. You feel that she deeply cares that your teen ends up in the place that is right for them, not where the obvious choices may be. She drives the balance between creativity and discipline-nudging your teen to complete all required materials on time. Our daughter got into her 1st choice University and was ecstatic. The whole process is a stressful experience and Wendy skillfully guided us every step of the way. We consider her a guide, coach and friend and know that you would enjoy her guidance as well.”

–From her mother, an Executive in a Fortune 500 company


Stina – Santa Clara University //


Brown and Owl


800px-MIT_Building_10_and_the_Great_Dome,_Cambridge_MAElizabeth – MIT

“I wanted to thank you again for the great job you did helping Elizabeth with her college applications. Your help made the process go smoothly for parent and child both! It provided a necessary and welcome buffer through expert advice, which lessened any potential tension or feeling of pressure.”
–Isabel, mother of Elizabeth


Elizabeth – MIT //


Irene – Harvard College / Stanford University, MBA


Dark Blue


1stMatti – Wesleyan University

“Wendy helped me find the perfect school and softball program for me. She not only helped me with the application process, but also taught me how to effectively communicate with coaches.”

– Matti


Matti – Wesleyan University //


mariatfahouston-2013-074Maria – Claremont McKenna College / Teach for America in Houston, TX

“Wendy has shown me opportunities I was unaware of and has helped me capitalize on them. My parents are immigrants from Mexico. While they taught me great work ethics and confidence they did not know how to help me apply to college. Wendy encouraged me to accept invitations to go on college visits and helped me prepare for interviews. She informed me about all the great options I had and walked me through the entire process. I got accepted to 13 amazing schools! She has continued to guide me even after enrolling at Claremont McKenna College. As a current Teach For Americas corps member I am now more aware than ever how much she has changed the trajectory of my life.”


Maria – Claremont McKenna College //


giselle-morganluckyMorgan – NYU

“After dealing with my mother’s death and taking a semester off, I was faced with navigating back into my junior year at New York University. Faced with housing and financial problems, Wendy was there to guide this process. She worked with me and my father in a step-by-step manner, contacting staff members at NYU that would have taken me weeks to reach. Wendy helped me to find the right financial plan, solved my housing problems, and was wholly dedicated to making my transition back into NYU as smooth as possible.”

–Morgan (with parents Giselle and Lucky) – Wendy originally helped Morgan and her mother choose NYU for Morgan.


Morgan – NYU //


dukeNicole – Duke

“I am still shaking. Nicole is incredibly happy and we are all so grateful for all your help, guidance and understanding.”

–Don, father of Nicole, upon hearing that Nicole had been accepted to Duke, his alma mater:


Nicole – Duke //


zach-letterZach – University of Pennsylvania, Facebook

“Zach had a great run @ Penn, obtaining his CS degree and being recognized for academic excellence in the program. He is off climbing in Yosemite, off to Namibia for a month, and then starting a job at Facebook in December. I can’t imagine a better experience for him in college, and I am thankful to you for the work you did with him.” –His father, Mark


Zach – University of Pennsylvania, Facebook //


blake-dana-flipBlake – University of Southern California

“You were absolutely right…USC recruited me incredibly. It is such an excellent feeling to be wanted… I was awarded their Presidential scholarship, which is half tuition, and it allows me to live in the special Presidential and Trustee Scholars-only residence. I have also been awarded a separate $10,000 engineering merit scholarship and admission into the engineering honors college. Thank you so much for all of your help through this process. I was given great opportunities and I have you to thank for that. Go Trojans!”


Blake – USC //