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How It Works

Fill out the Contact Us form: Parents who are interested in having their student work with Walker-Moffat write an informal list of the students strengths and weaknesses or a letter of recommendation. Form available on Contact Us page;

Introductory Session: Select parents and students are invited to schedule an Introductory Session. This is a 1 ½ hour meeting with Dr. Wendy Walker-Moffat, Head Consultant. Usually, parents participate for the first hour, and just the student for the last half hour. Parents and students may ask any questions they wish at this time.

  • Students who will benefit from working with Walker-Moffat are invited to begin meeting on a regular basis. Typically, Seniors meet once every two weeks.
  • Juniors meet once a month.
  • Sophomores meet once a semester.
  • Younger students are scheduled upon request.
  • Additional meetings are available upon request.

Seniors complete all applications by the second week of December. This enables students to have a clear time frame in their minds as they work through the process, to know that the end is in sight, and to enjoy the holidays, as well as the rest of their senior year.

Remember, there are no short-cuts to a successful college process.