Higher Education Consulting

The establishment of trust between the student and the advisor is essential. Our job is to get to know the student and identify and encourage the various characteristics that make the student unique. Our goal is to guide this young person into the choice of schools where s/he will be as happy and successful as possible.

College Essay

Parents and students often believe that the college essay is the most important part of the application. The college essay is only one part of the application. It is the application as a whole that is important. Walker-Moffat works hard to ensure that the application as a whole is complete and has integrity, not just the college essay.

Financial Aid

First generation college applicants whose families are not able to afford independent counseling, and families that are in need, are invited to submit an application for financial assistance. Every year, 20% of our students receive financial assistance.

Financial Assistance application – Please write a letter explaining your need for financial assistance, and submit a copy of last year’s taxes for both parents and student.


For fees, requirements and specific information, please submit the Contact Us form.


  • Regular Package for Seniors and 2nd Semester Juniors in High School
  • Complete Package for International Applicants to American Universities
  • Complete Package for American Students Interested in Overseas Study
  • Package for Freshmen, Sophomores, 1st Semester Juniors in High School
  • Transfer Applicants Package
  • Boarding School Applicants Package
  • High School Transfer Applicants Package
  • Graduate School Applicants Package Domestic or International

Students with Special Talents, Sports Recruitment Potential and Needs

  • Athletes
  • Artists and Students with Special Talents in Music, Dance, Theater, etc…
  • Gap Year Exploration
  • Students with Learning Differences
  • Students with Specific Needs

Younger Students

  • Middle School Students Applying to Private or Planning to Attend Public High School

What We Do


  • Establishment of trust
  • Keep students informed of what is important and what is not
  • Provide a clear calendar and plan for college applications
  • Concern for students well-being, long-term success and happiness


  • Research with colleges, coaches or others on behalf of the student
  • Ongoing examination of the high school transcripts
  • Strategies for improving grades and academic profile
  • Review and assistance with course choice
  • Analysis of how admissions officers will view courses
  • Guidance for other academic activities
  • Analysis and suggestions for making the most of high school

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Value assessment & guidance for outside school activities
  • Value assessment & recommendations for summer plans
  • Recommendations for presentation of activities

College Application

  • Guided exploration and visits to colleges
    • Travel recommendations
  • Mock interviews for evaluative and informative interviews
  • College list
    • Go beyond test scores, GPA and Naviance
    • Find the right fit by taking into consideration who the student is and the unknown potential of the student
    • Ensure the student has choices of colleges where s/he can grow
    • Financial considerations,
    • Learning style concerns.
  • List will include colleges that are:
    • Likely to accept the student
    • Unlikely, but within the student’s scope
    • Very Likely to accept the student
  • Early Decision/Early Action evaluation and strategy
  • Analysis of standardize test scores and strategy
  • Strategies for letters of recommendation


  • Unique methodology for essay preparation based on methods developed for undergraduates & graduates at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Essay topic exploration and development
  • Identifying and eliciting essays via trust & knowledge
  • Editing
    • The Common Application
    • Supplemental Essays
    • Personal Statements
    • Public University applications
    • Un-common applications

Special Considerations


  • Guidance for athletes
    • Guidance in the recruitment process
    • How to contact coaches and when
    • Cost effective strategies
  • Guidance for musicians
    • Guidance for the performance process
  • Guidance for artists
    • Guidance in the portfolio process
  • Guidance for students with unusual interests, talents, abilities


  • Keep parents informed with notes from meetings with students
  • 2 hours of communication, including email, phone, text messages, SKYPE and in person with parents
  • Guidance on when to be concerned, and when not to worry
  • Recommendations for when the student leaves for college
  • Consideration of separation anxieties for family


  • Celebrating and honoring every accomplishment
  • Analysis of Results
  • Recommendations for maximizing financial assistance
  • Assistance for “Deferred” status
  • Assistance for “Wait list”
  • Appeals for decisions when advisable