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Educating Elite Athletes


In the aftermath of the 2012 Olympics, “the stories” of a few, carefully selected athletes will dominate our memories of the event.  Yet, in all but a few cases the details of their education were not part of these stories, despite the fact that most athletes are of school or… Read More»

Learning by doing


There are moments in our lives that make an indelible mark on who we are and who we become. For me, the realization that education is a gift  – from our families, our communities, our institutions, and our government – and with that comes obligation, occurred in Soweto, a township… Read More»

The Significance of Sophomore Year for College Admissions


Sophomore year is one of the most significant in the college admissions process for high school students, but it is often dismissed by students and parents alike who think it is “just sophomore year.”  Students are just coming out of their freshmen year, and they are still adjusting to high… Read More»