About Us

Wendy Walker-MoffatDr. Wendy Walker-Moffat has you covered. As an academic insider, she knows the intricacies of admissions and how to maximize the value of a university education.  As an international scholar, she will help you explore alternatives to going directly to college, including a Gap Year.

Dr. Walker-Moffat is an education specialist based in Berkeley, California, who works face-to-face with students via SKYPE and/or in our downtown Berkeley office, conveniently located near the University of California.  Having earned her Doctorate and Master’s degrees in Education at Harvard University, Dr. Walker-Moffat knows the research and realities of what it takes for students to succeed in higher education. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Brown University; Master of Philosophy degree at the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University, U.K.; and a credential in Spanish at the University of Malaga, Spain. She was a long-time member of the faculty at the University of California, Berkeley; a Lecturer at Oxford University, U.K.; and a Research Fellow at Stanford University. Dr. Walker-Moffat is the author of the highly regarded book The Other Side of the Asian American Success Story (San Francisco: Jossey Bass), a textbook used in professional schools of education around the world. She has been a full-time higher-education consultant since 2000. As the mother of three sons, she understands parental concerns. It helps to have a guide to turn to who is a parent and a professional.

The stress of the college process may hit parents and/or students at various times in various degrees. We specialize in keeping students and parents informed of when not to worry, what not to worry about, and when they should be concerned. A cover article in the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Magazine quoted Dr. Walker-Moffat:

“Oftentimes, kids are immature at 15 or 16,” says Walker-Moffat. “There’s a lot of denial. They don’t want to look into the future. … I try to tell them that what they do now matters to their future, but at the same time, I try to get rid of the fear that they’re not going to be good enough.”

Since 2000, Walker-Moffat Consulting has been offering students and their families around the world the highest level of personalized college admissions consulting services based on academic research and experience inside major universities. Walker-Moffat works one-on-one with aspiring college students to ensure that they receive the attention that is needed to secure acceptance to those top colleges in the world that meet that student’s needs. At Walker-Moffat, we are proud to offer a select group of students each year the highest level of personalized college consulting. Since 2000, 98 percent of Walker-Moffat alumni who completed a full consulting program graduated from the colleges they selected. When unexpected issues arise, Walker-Moffat works with students to transfer successfully to colleges where they thrive. Graduates who sought advanced degrees were admitted to schools of medicine, law, business, engineering, international diplomacy, social welfare, public health and other MA and Ph.D. degree programs.

While Dr. Wendy Walker-Moffat oversees the entire process for every student, Walker-Moffat Consulting provides specialists in areas according to students’ particular needs.  These include writing coaches, SAT and ACT test-preparation tutors, videographers academic-support specialists, educational therapists, professional artists for portfolio guidance, recruit specialists for particular sports, instruments and talents, and financial-aid advisors.