Higher Education Consulting

The establishment of trust between the student and the advisor is essential. Our job is to get to know the student and identify and encourage the various characteristics that make the student unique. Our goal is to guide this young person into the choice of schools where s/he will be as happy and successful as possible.

College Essay

Parents and students often believe that the college essay is the most important part of the application. The college essay is only one part of the application. It is the application as a whole that is important. Walker-Moffat works hard to ensure that the application as a whole is complete and has integrity, not just the college essay.

Financial Aid

First generation college applicants whose families are not able to afford independent counseling, and families that are in need, are invited to submit an application for financial assistance. Every year, 20% of our students receive financial assistance.

Financial Assistance application – Please write a letter explaining your need for financial assistance, and submit a copy of last year’s taxes for both parents and student.


For fees, requirements and specific information, please submit the Contact Us form.

What We Do