Jake – University of Redlands

jakeJake – University of Redlands

“Wendy didn’t just listen to me but made sure that she truly understood the needs and wants of my desired university experience. As a senior in high school, I knew only so much about what I wanted in a university; I just had a sense of what I enjoyed doing and what I hoped to do in life. Wendy saw my desire for a strong practical education (business), a creative outlet within my education (film), a strong sense of community (something similar to Berkeley, but far enough away that I could still have the distance and adventures I sought), and something different (no classic liberal arts education, but an education with different ways of doing things). Wendy took these needs into account, got the answers to other tough questions out of me, and ended up pointing me to the University of Redlands (and the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies). This school would wind up being an institution that changed my life forever: I loved my education, my community, and my location. I thrived there and I had more success than I could have imagined, it was the perfect fit. I have continued to have great success in my social life and career because of the University of Redlands. I recognize how fortunate I am to have found such a great university, but I am eternally grateful to Wendy for pointing me in the right direction. Wendy doesn’t just point her students in the right direction, she teaches great techniques for making large life decisions.”